rkyv (archive) is a zero-copy deserialization framework for rust.


rkyv is composed of three core crates:

  • rkyv: The base crate, which defines the fundamental traits and provides implementations for core types.
  • rkyv_dyn: Builds on the base crate to add support for serializing and deserializing trait objects.
  • rkyv_typename: Provides naming for types (used with rkyv_dyn).

The project has three derive crates that are exposed through the core crates:

  • rkyv_derive
  • rkyv_dyn_derive
  • rkyv_typename_derive

There is a test crate: rkyv_test, and a benchmarking crate: rkyv_bench.


Sister crates

rkyv has sister crates that are standalone but were designed for use with rkyv:

  • bytecheck: A type validation framework for Rust.
  • ptr_meta: A radioactive stabilization of the ptr_meta RFC.